Improve Your Initial Offers by Making These Changes When Selling Your Home

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Improve Your Initial Offers by Making These Changes When Selling Your Home

Selling your home is easily one of the most significant and most complicated endeavors you will undertake in your life, but there are countless ways to make the process easier. Knowing how to negotiate, which tasks to complete, and when to shell out some funds ensures that you sell your property for a significant profit.

When it comes to selling Valley Village real estate, you’ll want to approach the sale with as much tact and insight as possible. Whether you’re selling your family home or an investment property, in order to sell the property for a high value, you must undertake certain projects and market the house in a captivating way. Here, we will explore various home selling tips that will help you price and sell your home for more than you imagined possible. Follow these steps, and you will undoubtedly improve your initial offers.

Increase your home’s value

Beautifying your home is a surefire way to increase your home’s value and, ultimately, your offers. You want to present a fabulously lavish estate that appeals to the largest pool of viable buyers possible. Here are some helpful home selling tips and tasks to consider if you want to ensure a heftier price tag come closing time.


Few things attract a house hunter more than a manicured lawn and a blossoming garden. People adore homes that exude elegance and liveability, so presenting a lush green sanctuary where they can lead fulfilling lives is critical.

While lush landscaping in the Los Angeles area can be a challenge, utilizing low-maintenance perennials native to Southern California is a fantastic way to spruce up your home and help it stand out on the Valley Village real estate market. You can place planters along the walkway for a majestic entryway, add a tree ring or two, or hire a professional landscaping company that will bring your enchanting garden vision to life.

Outdoor living

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Everyone who hails from the San Fernando Valley knows that the weather can get very hot, and people take advantage of sunny days by lounging by their pools, playing with their children, and hosting backyard barbecues and soirees.

If you truly want to impress prospective buyers, you simply must have a stunning outdoor living space. Cozy and neutrally-colored patio furnishings, outdoor kitchens, and dining sets are always welcome, as are minor artistic accents and outdoor landscape lighting. No matter the direction or aesthetic you’re after, creating an inviting outdoor space will indeed increase your home’s appeal and sales price.

Minor kitchen and bathroom renovations

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If you’ve lived in your home for years, chances are that certain rooms could use some updating, especially the kitchen and bathroom. A minor kitchen or bathroom remodel can garner a significant ROI and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Kitchens and bathrooms are often the main focal points for buyers, so remodeling either one of these rooms is a fantastic way to attract higher offers. Re-facing cabinetry, replacing old appliances, installing new hardware, and adding minor details will create a significant impact.

Home staging

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Home staging is a must to tempt buyers to make an offer. The act of home staging involves arranging furniture and decor in a pleasing way that feels welcoming to buyers. By showing potential buyers how amazing the property is and all it has to offer, you will likely sell your Valley Village real estate for a higher price point.

According to the National Association of Realtors, staged homes sell 88% quicker and for a 20% higher price than nonstaged homes. With numbers like that, it’d be silly not to stage your property. The actual cost of staging ranges from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, and your real estate agent or a professional staging company will help you iron out the details.

Offer to pay closing costs

It’s not uncommon for buyers to ask the seller to pay the closing costs. These expenses are typically around 3% of the purchase price and cover a myriad of fees. Once buyers have spent a great deal on the down payment, moving costs, and all associated fees, they tend to feel cleaned out. The best way to negate that cash-strapped feeling and increase your asking price is by offering to pay for closing costs. While paying for a buyer’s closing costs does lower your Valley Village real estate sale price, you can counter this by asking for a higher purchase price. Increase your asking price just enough to safeguard your list price once you’ve paid for the buyer’s closing costs.

Marketing strategy

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From professional photos to a virtual tour led by your real estate agent, selling a home ultimately comes down to marketing. You need beautiful images of your home’s best features along with a captivating description when creating a listing. Your online listing and ad campaigns must be pristine and set a tone of luxury to attract the right type of buyers who will gladly pay top dollar for your property.

Hiring an experienced real estate photographer is the best way to ensure your home’s best features are highlighted. Your real estate agent will then take those photos and add them to an immaculately written description of your Valley Village property. Once the listing is ready, your agent will use various online marketing strategies and websites to get your home seen and sold in no time.

Work with an excellent real estate agent

At the end of the day, you’ll need the assistance of a reliable and experienced real estate agent when embarking on your home-selling journey. Contact The Rich Group today to receive expert help with all of your Valley Village real estate needs. Anita Rich and her esteemed team will sell your home with finesse, speed, and confidence.

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